Fredeli: Hidden Retail Bakery in Pasir Panjang

Pasir Panjang is a unique road in Singapore. Besides having many churches scattered amongst small condos, a Salvation Army, a children’s home, a hawker centre, budget hotels, Haw Par Villa, business areas such as Mapletree Business City and Science Park II, Pasir Panjang also has various eateries and food shops that are patronised by residents, weekend churchgoers, NUS students, weekday working crowd, medical tourists and more.

It was an interesting surprise to note that in one of the newest condos in Pasir Panjang, a retail bakery opened a few weeks ago.

Hidden inside a Pasir Panjang Condo

Pasir Panjang

Fredeli is located in Whitehaven condo, next to Shell petrol station near Science Park II.

The unit Fredeli occupies is right in front of the roundabout at the condo entrance and you don’t need a pass to enter the retail bakery as it is in front of the security guardhouse.

Pasir Panjang

This unit was initially built for a convenience store, but with the nearby Shell station already having a convenience store, I think having a bakery is a better option.

Pasir Panjang

Fredeli sells assorted cakes, pastries, pies, quiche, buns, veggie pizza, scones, tarts, croissants, hot drinks and chilled drinks.

Pasir Panjang

The selection is quite interesting: pandan avocado chiffon cake, gula melaka chiffon cake, spring onion scones, chia seed pound cake amongst the wide variety of offerings.

Pasir Panjang

If you’re looking for something special to eat or buy as a gift for a gathering, Fredeli is a good place to drop by.

Pasir Panjang

Fredeli’s offerings are baked elsewhere and transported to the Whitehaven outlet as the outlet is not equipped for baking.

You can enjoy a standing meal (no chairs, but there are two standing bartops) of a coffee or tea or even juice to pair with your pastry, while watching the traffic go by.

Pasir Panjang

Pasir Panjang

Fredeli is near the Shell station bus stop, which is like 3 bus stops away or a 10 minute walk from Haw Par Villa MRT station.

The thing is I’m not sure if there’s space to park as the roundabout is not very big, but you can always pump petrol at Shell and pop by, or try your luck at the private housing opposite.


Pasir Panjang

Address: 332A Pasir Panjang Road, Whitehaven, #01–25, Singapore 117381
 Tel: +65 69090855

Fredeli Pasir Panjang

Fredeli’s operating hours are currently:
 Weekdays 8am-8pm
 Weekends 9am-9pm

The above hours may change as the bakery is checking out if it needs to amend the operating hours to cater to customer demand.

You can find out more info on Fredeli’s Facebook page here.

Originally published at Jules of Singapore.

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