The Precious Benefits of Travelling You Can’t Buy


To start afresh, to see the junk you’ve been hoarding and uncover the gems you’ve missed.


A chance to plan your future bucket list before you die.


When you shove everything aside for your trip, and you choose what to put back on your plate when you get back.


Getting rid of the useless things that make you busy but provide lousy returns.


For yourself, for whoever you’re travelling with, for nature, for air and even the flowers growing as weeds in a deserted place.


For nothing in particular, for every good thing you have, for every bad thing you don’t.


When your life has been moving too fast and you can’t hear the whispers of raindrops telling you the secrets of the world.


Of a tender bubble around you, protecting you from the crazy world, giving you a safe haven to stretch and think about who you are, what you want, and how to get there.


Comes along with days devoid of any purpose except to enjoy yourself, wherever you are, even if it’s sitting down for a couple of hours doing nothing but stoning.


When you are comfortable with yourself, with everything you’ve done in your life, when you can spend time inside your body and feel completely, unbelievably, at home.